30 week bUmpdate

I really don’t feel like taking a photo today, perhaps next week ! I’m sorry !!!

How far along?  Third Trimester! Today I am 30 weeks pregnant. 10 weeks (70 days) to go!!!   

Size of baby ?Baby S is about 15.7 inches long. The average weight for 30 weeks is about 3lbs 3 oz. According to thebump Samantha is the size of a cucumber { HUH ? that doesn’t seem right }. According to baby center , She is about the size of a head of cabbage { makes more sense, right }.

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes?Nothing new. I feel like my butt is growing quicker than my belly. My maternity jeans seem to have a hard time fitting over it. Note to self  >>Squats !!!!

Weight Gain?Friday my total weight gain was 25 lbs. I would have guessed I was closer to 30-35 lbs. What a relief that was for me .

Stretch Marks? Possibly on both sides of my breasts..but if they are in fact stretch marks they are the only ones { so far }. I bought a gallon , more like half a gallon, of Organic Coconut Oil ! Its amazing.


Sleep?Well . . . Sleep is not great. Sleeping on my sides will be coming to an end soon because it’s becoming uncomfortable to my belly. It even takes me awhile to find a comfortable upright position but when I get comfortable its good. I have also started having scary and upsetting dreams. For instance… last night I woke up several times having the same nightmare over and over and over again. I kept waking myself up because I was whining and whimpering out loud.  

Missing anything?Normal Clothes, adult beverages, sleeping on my stomach, flat belly     

Craving anything?Can’t say that I am craving anything per say… but I really wanted frosted flakes.. So I got them. I ate probably half of the box in one sitting and now I want to throw them away!!!! Your probably saying in your mind ‘No wonder your butt is getting big’

Any sickness? None    

Bump ?Yep

Baby Movement ?Kicks, Punches, rolls, shakes. Getting them all and I love it… Every minute of it. My midwife said if I don’t feel her move within two hours go to labor and delivery. That scares me because I can go a day without feeling her and some days she is an athlete.  


 Belly Button:Staying in place for the moment.  

Labor Signs:Mild Cramping.   

Mood: I think the grouch is in hiding for now. I feel more patience with MOST things. I think relaxing really helps with the moods.   

Symptoms: Mild – Moderate period like cramps, excessive thirst, increased bathroom trips ( how is this possible ), acid reflux ( I feel like I have a volcano in my chest ), restless leg syndrome and shortness of breath. 

Milestones: Continued the birthing series this week. I am going to revise my birth plan for the good (still planning on natural drug free birth).  Samantha is measuring at 30 weeks per my midwife. One more week of wearing my per-pregnancy scrub pants. Got my teeth cleaned today :0) my sister used her stethoscope to try and find her heart beat and instead got kicked ❤

Happy Bump Day !



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