I took today off so I could lounge in bed all day . For real ! I am literally laying in bed as we speak I blog. It has been hard to stay in bed this long but I am loving it. Ive caught myself picking up little things here and there and made my self crawl back in bed to relax . I’m going to enjoy it while I can -Monday will be hear before I know it .. Blah

My neighbor who is just shy of 34 weeks pregnant {with twins} water broke last night and had a c-section this morning . Her girls, Rebecca and Kylee, are 4lbs 14/15 oz. Can’t wait to go see them this afternoon!

I have an OB appt this afternoon and
Samantha has been moving a lot which MAKES ME HAPPY.

I have been on the search for a baby bathing suit for a 3 month old . It finally came to an end when I found one – they are hard to find . Almost every store has 6 months + ! She also got her first pair of flip flops. We are ready for our first vacation 😉



I was a little disappointed with the Super Bowl this year . Boring commercials and it felt like the halftime show was so short ! I was really looking forward to the RHCP performance ! Although my team kicked butt in NFL Super Bowl trivia 😉

It never fails – every Friday I get a ‘cold’ and usually doesn’t clear till Saturday night Sunday morning – is this a sign I am run down ??

HAPPY FRIDAY 😉 Go link up with The Vintage Modern Wife and Brunch with Amber to share your Happies and Crappies for the week.



6 thoughts on “HAPPIES and CRAPPIES

  1. tuckedneatlyaway says:

    I’m a couple days late commenting as I just started following but I bought that same swim suit for our little girl Charlie. 🙂 I got the hat instead of the flippies though. I went for the flip flops and the husband deemed that enough pink would be on the child’s body at one time. haha

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