29 Week bUmpdate


How far along?  29 Weeks . Third Trimester . 11 Weeks { 77 days } to go .

Size of baby ? Baby S is about 15.2 inches long. She measures at about 2lbs 14oz.  According to thebump she is the size of an acorn squash.

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes? Yeh. Still in some of my pre-pregnancy scrub pants… and when  I say some I mean I ripped a pair last week… <embarrassing> In my defense the hem was coming undone and it had been that way for awhile.

Weight Gain ? Feeling like Ive gained about 10 lbs since my last weigh in which would put me at a total of 30lbs. . We will see on Friday at my OB appt.

Stretch Marks?  Side boobs. Hard to see below my bellybutton. Still rubbing organic coconut oil over my tummy and back

Sleep? Its pretty safe to say I am up every hour.  Prep work I suppose however I Don’t really get the feeling that I am loosing sleep.

Missing anything? Normal clothes, Flat belly, and oysters

Craving anything? Slurpees. Spicy Food. Salty things. I really want those chocolate covered strawberries I keep seeing advertised on television !!!

Any sickness? Nope !

Bump ? Duh!!

Baby Movement ? Still mostly getting the slow prominent pokes.

Gender: GIRL! 

Belly Button: Shallow and has stayed that way for a few weeks now .

Labor Signs: I don’t think so.

Mood: HAH… I’d like to say normal but that’s not the case and it seems like that for most of my third trimester prego bloggers. Im just a grouch. These hormones man … they take control … Just stay out of my way …and if im tried … don’t bother even looking at me. I really feel like something has taken over me when I go through a ‘fit’. Im over work ..All I wanna do is sleeeeeeep.

Symptoms: Restless leg syndrome < literally stretch like I am training for the Sochi Olympics >, Tinnitis, a little bit of the Left groin pain, severe fatigue, tingling and burning if my hands and fingers ( not ideal for a hygienist ) and mild swelling in the hands .

Milestones: THIRD TRIMESTER !!!!  Started my birthing class series .

Randoms : Cleaning peoples teeth is starting to disgust me. I realized this today when I felt a splatter on my chest and assumed it was blood. When I wiped it off and saw red I just quivered. Floss your teeth people..

Played trivia this week for the fourth week in a row..Team name = Better late than pregnant. We rolled into trivia a little late this week… Name was fitting and we got the most laughs and cheers for our team name. especially when the realized there was a prego on the team.  We didn’t play all that great this week.

Happy Bump Day !

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