My parents are coming into town today. We haven’t seen them since November ! Looking forward to seeing them!

There must be something in the water … Atleast 5 of my friends are pregnant .

I am newly addicted to trivia . We have started going to trivia night at different places around town once a week with a group of friends. While I am not great at it, it’s fun to challenge your brain … even if it is pointless information !

I made a whole chicken pot pie for my lunches this weeks . It was so yummy 😉 I will share the recipe this coming week


I am definitely missing working only four days a week . This is the first { dental } job I have had working 5 days a week. There is a reason why most office are closed on Friday … I just want to hibernate Friday night and sleep alllllll weekend . Last week I got home and slept for a few hours … It’s not like me to nap.

A patient of mine recommended we watch natural birthing videos so don would know what to expect during delivery. Uhmmm – don stayed with his hands in his crotch ( like he was in pain) with a facial expression I can’t even described and now I am a little frightened of a vaginal delivery … with LOTS OF QUESTIONS … It’s not the pain I am scared of .. If you must know .. Just watch a few vaginal deliveries on YouTube!

I made basic chocolate chip cookies … Easy right ? My cookies came out very weird .. For someone who likes to bake extravagant cheesecakes and can’t even bake a simple chocolate chip cookie this is sad !


2 thoughts on “HAPPIES and CRAPPIES

  1. Can’t wait for the chicken pot pie recipe! Sounds so good right now : ) Oh, I read about vaginal deliveries last week- figuring I might as well get as much info as possible to be prepared…after just reading about it I am pretty scarred. It’s going to be one of those “there’s no turning back now” moments once labor starts I’m sure!

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