28 Week bUmpdate


How far along?  28 Weeks . Third Trimester . 12 Weeks { 84 days } to go .

Size of baby ?Baby S is about 14.8 inches long. She measures at about 2lbs 9oz.  According to thebump she is the size of an eggplant. Woah Momma !!!

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Maternity Clothes? Had to switch over to maternity / nursing bra. I am a few weeks ‘late’ doing so { my doctor recommended me to do this for a few weeks ago because she thought I may be developing Cellulitis}. I tried on a size E bra , and it was too small for me… FABUUULOOOUS !

Weight Gain ? Hoping I am still at  21lbs . Haven’t checked ..

Stretch Marks?  Same. Haven’t found any others and I am still using pure coconut oil.

Sleep? Up and down constantly, which doesn’t bother me { I am used to it due to the amount of water I drink}. Sleep varies. Sometimes great and sometimes not so great.

I drink 2.2 liters of water during the day and about half a liter during the night.Its easy to say I get up ALOT during the night .. But that I am used to.

Missing anything? Normal clothes and my ‘flat’ belly,

Craving anything? Nothing really. Still getting slurpees on the reg and really digging super spicy foods. Yay for no heart burn and acid reflux for once.

Any sickness? Nope !

Bump ? Yep ! Its official, I have lost all sight of the bottom side of my stomach. I feel blind when shaving and have to go by feel pretty much or use a mirror to see if stretch marks have developed.

Baby Movement ? Movement has become slightly different. It’s not all kicks and punches . Some movements are slow and prominent such has an arm or a leg changing positions.

Gender: GIRL! 

Belly Button: Shallow and has stayed that way for a few weeks now .

Labor Signs: Nothing

Mood: Nothing out of the ordinary !

Symptoms: Restless leg syndrome, Hip pain, Left groin pain  {mentioned last week under movements and it hurrrrts, I waddle sometimes}, severe fatigue,

Milestones: THIRD TRIMESTER !!!!   Feeling her move…

This week I have been playing music to her through my belly button.. I am not sure if anything is proven by this but I just play Baby Einstein music for a few minutes.


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