27 Week bUmpdate

27 Weeks

Notice the wardrobe is pretty consistent 🙂

How far along?  27 Weeks . THIRD TRIMESTER BEGINS!!! 13 weeks (91 days) to go !!!   

Size of baby ?Baby S is about 14.4 inches long. Yesterday she measured at 2lbs 7oz. She is pretty close to the average 2lb 3 oz.  According to thebump she is the size of a rutabaga. I have never had one of those before!

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes?Yep; Nothing new. Still in my regular scrub pants. The little maternity wardrobe I have is starting to get boring ! 

Weight Gain?Checked in at 21 lb weight gain yesterday. Hoping to keep it pretty close to that, and yes I know I will gain more because baby is gaining more!

Stretch Marks? Possibly on both sides of my breasts..but if they are in fact stretch marks they are the only ones { so far }

Sleep?Up and down constantly. Sleep is so – so !  

Missing anything?Normal clothes and wine .   

Craving anything?Nothing really. Still getting slurpees on the reg.  

Any sickness? Nope !   

Bump ?Yep

Baby Movement ?Lots of movement.. and I LOVE IT … Today I almost said “OUCH” when I got kicked / punched . She was moving sides today. She has bared to my right side for a few weeks and I think made a switch to the left today. We will have to see when I lay down tonight ! Don and I play with her almost every day. If we tap on my bellybutton a few times, I get a guaranteed movement out of her. Movements are definitely getting stronger . Prior to her moving , her head was at my right rib cage and her feet were diagonal reaching my left hip. I could tell when she stretched because a ligament or nerve was being pinched and would cause a burning pain in left groin area.

Gender:GIRL!  and I know this for sure ( besides the blood test). We asked the tech to confirm the gender with us yesterday. She did , and in a funny, kind of an inappropriate way! As she was scanning She found her lady parts and confidently said “ There is her hamburger, no doubt about this one”.. See for your self !


 Belly Button:Staying in place for the moment.  

Labor Signs:Nothing  

Mood: Nothing out of the ordinary !  

Symptoms: Restless leg syndrome, Hip pain, heart burn.

Okay – I have to admit … I am so scared of one of the common symptoms … Hemorrhoids. I am kind of obsessed with making sure I don’t get this. I have stocked up on baby wipes in my purse, house and work. I take an Epson salt bath weekly… Keeping my fingers crossed.  

Milestones: THIRD TRIMESTER !!!!   Getting to see her yesterday !!! Feeling her move more !


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5 thoughts on “27 Week bUmpdate

  1. i laughed out loud when I saw what your tech said,…never heard anyone refer to that part as a hamburger- another word with beef, maybe- but never hamburger. That’s hilarious and I am still laughing. 14 inches seems so long!!! I will be amazed when my little one is a foot…seems like they’d be ready to come out at that point…

  2. What an adorable baby! Congrats on the 3rd trimester! I hope it treats you well 🙂 When is your due date? It’s gotta be pretty close to mine (April 20). Your bump looks awesome by the way!

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