Happies and Crappies



The weather here in central Florida was great, the low was around 30ish ! I enjoyed it .. Its actually refreshing and feels like winter ! We were able to make a cozy fire and cuddled with my youngest pup. He is such a ham !!! ❤


Samantha has started giving me swift punches and kicks again.. I love it.. Makes me feel much more comfortable that she is moving around in my belly again. I always get worried with minor movements.

FSU won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! >>–;–;–> That’s all I have to say about that. This pregnant women even stayed up for the ENTIRE game! How could I sleep during that ??

I am  glad that the holidays are passed us ( even though I miss them already ). I am able to get back to my normal daily routine of life this week. Its been nice!


I have my glucose tolerance test this afternoon. From the sounds of it, its not fun.. Kind of crappy ! Hope I pass, I surely don’t want to have to do the following tests.

I am certain I have had RLS for sometime now… but just realizing that it was actually restless leg syndrome.


That’s all for this week, I have been sitting here thinking of more crappies to add but I cant come up with any ! That is a positive in my book !!! Happy Friday !!!!

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