25 Week bUmpdate


How far along?  25 Weeks. 175 days. 62.4% through. Almost 100 days to go !!!!

Size of baby ?Baby S should be 13.6 inches long and 1lb 10oz. According to thebump she is the size of a cauliflower ( woahhhhh )  

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Maternity Clothes?Yep. Enjoying sweat pants and pjs this week. It’s cold here in Florida but I guess I still shouldn’t be complaining    

Weight Gain?Sore subject this week. I needed to weigh myself since it has been awhile… 20 lb weight gain. I am a few lbs over the average weight gain, everyone’s different though. My diet is back on track since the holidays so hopefully no more unnecessary weight gain.  

Stretch Marks? Possible a few on the sides of these horrifically large boobs … But I am not sure..  

Sleep?  Thanks to my dear friend Wendy, I am comfortably sleeping on my sides with no problem. She gave me a body pillow that is so comfortable. Still sleeping on my back towards the mornings.

Missing anything?Normal pants and bending over fully

Craving anything?Nothing really this week.

Any sickness? I have been  getting nauseas and dizzy lately, I have been checking my blood pressure which has stayed normal ( I am very scared of Preeclampsia, high BP), but this morning my blood pressure dropped significantly.   

Bump ?Yep – starting to get in the way of everyday life (Putting on shoes, shaving, bending over to pick something up). My abdomen muscles have gone into hiding for now, so getting off the bed or getting off the floor after stretching is quiet comical.

Baby Movement ?She is in there. Mostly moves after eating and when I wake up and go to bed.  


 Belly Button:Staying in place for the moment.  

Rings on or off? Staying on !

Labor Signs:Minimal cramping, like mild period cramps. I have done a lot of reading and several women say this is how they experienced Braxton hicks contractions however other women experiences sharp tightening of the abdomen.

Mood: Good.

Symptoms: Some serious acid reflux and difficulting breathing. I can’t tell you how happy I am not to list constipation right now !!!

Milestones: None this week… ( yet ) 

Coming Soon: I have my blood glucose test on Friday at my 25 week OB appt… HOORAY (not)

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3 thoughts on “25 Week bUmpdate

  1. Wendy says:

    Glad to hear the body pillow is helping you sleep comfortably! I like the top you are wearing in the pic, it’s a good color on you!

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