24 week bUmpdate


How far along?  24 weeks; SIX MONTHS <~ Cant believe that !! ; 168 days; 60% through !!  16 weeks to go

Size of baby ?Baby S is about 11.8inches long and weighs about 1lb 7oz. According to thebump she is the size of a Cantalope .

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Maternity Clothes?Yep. I was gifted several maternity shirts (which I actually find very comfortable). I still hate maternity pants, and obsessed with leggings. I have forgotten to mention that I am still wearing my scrubs from pre-pregnancy ! Woo !!!!  

Weight Gain?Haven’t weighed myself this week and don’t plan on it. Let’s just say I feel like I have gained some weight! Hopefully it’s all baby weight!

Stretch Marks? Nothing and hoping for nothing!

Sleep?This week I have been sticking to my sides mostly until my shoulders ache and then its onto my back (yes – its slightly elevated  …Calm down)

Missing anything?Normal pants and raw tuna !  

Craving anything?Remember when I said I didn’t believe in cravings? Well I have been thinking about this a lot… There are things I want… but it’s not one of those things were if I don’t have it… I am going to kill somebody kind of craving… I currently want Ice cream in a cone (must be in a cone) , ICEES ( how typical ) and piping hot crinkle fries with ketchup ( not the kind of ketchup in the squeeze bottle, the ketchup packets AND yes there is a difference, anyone agree?)    


Any sickness? I get headaches a lot but doesn’t result in the sickness this question is referring to!  

Bump ?Yep

Baby Movement ?Low fetal movement at the end of week 23 and beginning of week 24 but she has started moving again…makes me happy!!

Gender:GIRL!  I’ve been asked a few times if I am having a boy because of the way I am carrying. Mmhh, definitely going to ask to see the ‘THREE LINE SIGN’ next ultrasound!!!! I did have a MT 21 test done , which is a blood test for chromosomal abnormalities, also shows the sex of the fetus , it’s supposed to be 99.8% accurate ( don’t quote me on the percentage )

 Belly Button:Staying in place for the moment.  

Rings on or off? They stay on during the day and I take them off at night

Labor Signs:Minimal cramping. I am still figuring out the round ligament pain VS Braxton hicks contractions.

Mood: Good. I can get snappy quick … obviously emotional at times. See last blog post ! Its slowly decreasing to being grumpy right now since I have sat in front of this computer dealing with internet issues …Grrrrr

Symptoms: Some serious acid reflux, A super increase in appetite (it’s almost embarrassing how much I can eat ), excessive sweat on my feet ( weird and gross ) , tingling in fingers and toes at night time, gas, and shortness of breath.

Milestones: Made the 6th month mark! 

Coming Soon: I have been getting a lot of questions about my birth plan. . . So I figured my next pregnancy blog post would be MY BIRTH PLAN … Stay tuned …

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