Something to laugh about

For Christmas I wanted a personalized quilt for Samantha’s crib, so it was on my Christmas list from my parents. Actually the quilt was really the only thing I wanted this Christmas. Unfortunately we did not get to go to Tallahassee to visit my parents and family this year due to work schedules, so my sister was Santa this year and took our gifts to my parents and vice versus.

Thursday night after Christmas, my sister was back into town and dropped off our gifts. We opened them and with excitement I snuggled with Sammie’s quilt. I just stared at it with happiness and had thoughts of her being swaddled… BUT I stared at it a little too long … and wanted to cry !  Don could tell something was wrong but I didn’t want him to know I was upset about A BLANKET. I knew what was going on.

I took a deep breath in and put the quilt aside and continued opening the rest of my gifts and started cleaning up the trash. Don continued to ask me if something was wrong and I shrugged it off and said nothing. I really didnt want to hear what any one had to say at the particular moment. I grabbed the quilt and folded it over the crib to take pictures. I sat on the floor to get the ‘perfect’ picture I had in my mind and I BEGAN TO CRY A RIVER — I am not lying !

I had held my tears for a matter of minutes and as soon as I let them fall, they came. You would have thought I received the worst news. Don was in the office ( down the hall from the nursery) and could hear my sniffles. He yelled ” are you okay in there” and I replied with a ” Yea its my allergies ” .

Your probably wondering why I was crying?

Well, when I looked at the blanket, the monogram was slightly ( when I say slightly , I mean VERY slightly) off center. Take a look . . .


You probably are thinking I AM CRAZY with a capital F, right ? I completely realize how crazy it sounds but I am totally blaming it on the hormones { big time }. I seriously never get upset about small things like that , but this time I did… It still bothers me a little bit and nobody notices until I point it out { and they think i am a nut case }  but like Don said . .  If people are staring at the blanket longer than our baby… We have some problems 🙂

 { atleast tell me you see the issue here ? }

On a different note, I cant believe I will be SIX MONTHS PREGNANT this week… woooah nelly does time fly ! Will post about that on Thursday !

Until then, Have a Happy Happy NEW YEAR !

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One thought on “Something to laugh about

  1. Susan says:

    “If people are staring at the blanket longer than our baby… We have some problems” LOVED this comment! It’s so true, I doubt we are going to be able to take ours eyes off of her! 🙂

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