23 week bUmpdate


How far along?  23 Weeks , 0 Days; 160 days; Second Trimester ; 17 weeks to go; 57% through.

Size of baby ?She is about 10.5 – 11.8 inches long weighing about 1lb. 3ozs ( last week she measured at 1lb. 1oz. ) According to thebump she is the size of a grapefruit… Whaaaat?

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes?Yep. Maternity pants are uncomfortable to me. LEGGINGS LEGGINGS LEGGINGS. Handful of maternity shirts ( I find them comfortable )

Weight Gain?Haven’t weighed myself this week and don’t plan on it. I ate way too much.   

Stretch Marks? Haven’t found any, but my cloths easily leave imprints in my skin leading me to believe I have some. All natural coconut oil is my friend – reminds me of Crisco but with a better smell.    

Sleep?I am all over the place. Stomach ( but tilted ), sides, and back ( upright, I resort to this closer in the morning )

Missing anything?Normal pants !  

Craving anything?I could have an Icee everyday !!!

Any sickness? Nothing to report. What a boring post !

Bump ?Uhm… I guess it’s her way of saying Merry Christmas! I changed into my outfit ( See bump photo above)  for Christmas dinner and got a “ woah, where did that thing come from” … talking about my belly ! I kind of agreed ( hehe )

Baby Movement ?She moves and grooves but this week its slowed down … always scary.. I love her to move all day and night .   


 Belly Button:hasn’t changed still last week, but since I feel like my belly has ALL OF A SUDDEN popped out I feel like my belly button will do the same thing… er’ hopefully not !!!  

Labor Signs:None

Mood: Fine! Never got into the holiday mood this year, perhaps it is because I have more things on my mind than usual!

Symptoms:Heartburn, Acid reflux, bloody nose, stuffy nose, constipation and slight swelling ( mostly in the evenings)..Oh and I have this rash under these huge boobs that keep growing and growing and growing. Unfortunately its probably a yeast infection but keeping it dry and medicated seems to be helping < YUCK >


Milestones: After waiting almost 5 weeks, her monogram finally came in. I spray painted it and put it in her room! Im in love ❤ Samantha Leigh Greenberg ! I have bought multiple monograms from this etsy shop – LeagueofLetters – and have ALWAYS been pleased.


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