22 Week bUmpdate




Yup, that would be something I dropped on my shirt. I am not a huge fan of ‘selfies’ but I am dealing with taking them …

How far along?  22 Weeks -0 Days; 154 days; Second Trimester ; 18 weeks to go; 54.6% through!

Size of baby ?She is about 10.5 – 11.8 inches long. Yesterday we had an ultrasound and she weighed one pound and one ounce. According to thebump she is the size of a papaya .

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes?I found a long sleeve shirt on clearance for 5 dollars. My maternity stash is growing. So far I have one pair of jeans ( which I hate because my bump isn’t quiet big enough to hold them up but I can’t fit into my normal jeans), my leggings ( I LOVE ), and two shirts.

Weight Gain?Total weight gain is 13 pounds.  

Stretch Marks? Still on the search for them and hoping to never find! Still rub a dub dubbing with coconut oil !  

Sleep?Aye – Sleep is good, No complaints… I have found a way back on my stomach by wedging a pillow longways under half of my body to slightly tilt me up.   

Missing anything?Notta  

Craving anything?I want wings, but I always want wings. I have ALWAYS eaten pickles, you can ask my sister and my mother. “I get it from my momma “ . I finished the jar of pickles and was left with the best thing EVER… the juice ! Oh so yummy  


Any sickness? I hate to report but ….YES ! I came home Monday night from work not feeling well with a stomach ache. I thought it was because my HUGE boobs were putting weight on the top of my stomach and *Sam* pushing up on my stomach…. WRONG. I got home and couldn’t even eat dinner. I took a bath and as I was getting out the most miserable evening started. I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I had stomach cramps, I had the sweats AND I was freezing. AYE .. I had either a stomach bug or food poisoning. MISERABLE! This lasted from about 7pm Monday – 9am Wednesday morning. Safe to say I am feeling much better and we are both healthy!

Bump ?See above for proof… It’s there.  

Baby Movement ?Oh yeh … She is being felt on the inside AND the outside. Woo-hoo. Don was able to feel her kick a few times while I was under the weather. She was really moving while I laid in bed all day !! Super cool !  


 Belly Button:Still creepin’

Labor Signs:None

Mood: Fine! Definitely not feeling the holiday spirit though, which is unfortunate!

Symptoms:Heartburn, bloody nose, stuffy nose

Milestones: Getting Don to feel her kick on the outside {finally}. Seeing her on ultrasound yesterday is always wonderful. We have to see a fetal specialist (people term this as high risk doctor} in addition to my OBGYN. They perform my ultrasounds at every visit and they do 3D for no cost, this I am happy for!  Some people will pay outrageous cash for that!!!


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