20 week bUmpdate


This is my first official ‘bUmpdate’. Please don’t mind my photo. Its been a long day and we are both tired. Yes that is my husband in his bed-time wear. The least I could do Is try and cover him up – haha ! Future photos will be more realistic but this is what your getting for now  !

How far along? 20 Weeks , 0 Days —>   HALF WAY THERE !!!!!!

Size of baby ? She is about 6.5 inches long and weights 9-10 oz. According the thebump she is the size of a banana.

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Maternity Clothes? No not really. I have a pair of maternity leggings I bought and will wear them every chance I get. I also have a sweater dress, I wore on Thanksgiving and to a dinner party but it could be rocked with or without a baby belly.

Weight Gain? My first trimester and the beginning of my second trimester, I didn’t gain anything. In the last few weeks I have put on 10 -12 pounds and it has me a little concerned. My eating habits haven’t changed really, if anything a tad bit healthier. My midwife was concerned I wasn’t gaining weight, and now I am sure she is going to be concerned about how much I have gained. The weight gain is a learning process for sure.

Stretch Marks? Haven’t found any (yet). I lube up with one of three different lotions / oils every night. I am currently using all natural coconut oil , Palmers coco butter lotion or Palmers coco butter oil. I am a big fan of the all natural coconut oil because it has many many many benefits along with being a skin moisturizer and smelling yummy.

Sleep? My sleep has been quiet amazing. It is better now then before I was pregnant. I was a stomach sleeper and recently had to give that up. I also naturally sleep on my sides so that hasn’t been an issue. I have had to be conscious about not rolling over onto my back though, It seems my feet and hands go numb when I sleep that way. Literature says stay off your back any how!

Missing anything? Not really, although it would be nice to have a ice cold beer or a salty margarita !

Craving anything? I have  my opinions about ‘cravings’ while pregnant. I haven’t had any really. I think that its all mental, Butttttt I could be wrong.

Any sickness? I was lucky and skipped the morning sickness. YIPEE! When I was 8 weeks pregnant I took a bite into a sandwich that had a BUTT LOAD of mayonnaise, since then the sight, smell and taste makes me queasy. yuck !

Bump ? Its there. Tiny. Could mistake it for a bloated belly!

Baby Movement ? Yes ! She is a little wrecking ball, super cool feeling. I have been able to feel her every morning saying hello and some throughout the day ! Im waiting for the day she punches my patients in the head while I am cleaning their teeth .. haha

Gender: GIRL! Ive been told three times it was a girl, it better stay ( hehe )

Belly Button: Currently in but its definitely creeping !

Labor Signs: None, just Round Ligament Pain.

Mood: Been pretty ‘normal’ lately. No anxiousness like pre-pregnancy. Ive been moody this week so I moved my 20 week check up to Friday to give me something to look forward to.

Symptoms: Constipation, gas and heart burn . My boobs are HUGE, ENORMOUS ! If they get any bigger, I ll be in competition with Dollie Parton – NO JOKE. Its annoying and uncomfortable.

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