A little introduction

Just wanted to make a small introduction to “baby S”.


“Baby S” arrival date is April 24, 2014, putting me at a whopping 19 weeks and 5 days. I am sure most have wondered why I have waited a little longer than most to make the big and exciting announcement. Prior to being pregnant with ‘baby S’, I was pregnant once before but had a miscarriage. It was sad but I made it through and was able to understand the reasoning why it happened. When I was blessed with ‘baby S’, we had several test that were being done and I wanted to make sure everyone was happy and healthy. So here we are today, 19 weeks and counting . . .

As you can see, Baby S is a GIRL. We do have a name for her and I will tell 🙂 It does start with an S … (hence baby S )

My week turns on Thursdays,  I will be doing ‘bUmpdates’ from here on out… or at least try too.

 BabyFruit Ticker

20 weeks is a great week to start ‘bUmpdating’ because most women begin to show at this stage and the baby begins to be measured from head to toe ( instead of head to butt ).

I am very excited to share the news , until then … Have a good night !

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