We have now less than a month till we get married! Speaking with other newlyweds and engaged couples,
I have learned that just about a month out from getting married ( most couples and families) are ready for it to be here, enjoyed and past ! We are there ! Let’s do this !!!!

Last week were able to round a majority is the RSVPs in ! We are at 185ish guest … I feel loved !!!!

I took today off so we could be in Tallahasee to FINALIZE all the details for our wedding. From my dress to the music , it’s getting done TODAY !


I saw a squirrel get ran over ! I KNOW they get ran over ALL. THE. TIME. but I saw it from beginning to end ! I was sad ;(

I have had a sore throat and haven’t been feeling all that well ! Better now than in a few weeks !!!

Here in Florida it’s usually already warm, it’s been freezing here this week!

With a little less than a month away,
You think I would be at the gym daily and eating rabbit food… Since I have been under the weather , a good diet has been out the window and I haven’t seen the gym in a few days ! Aye ya ya – good thing I am going to a dress fitting !

Happy Friday



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