Starting with the weekend…. I lost one of my most important / sentinmental things , you would never imagine loosing …while I won’t say what it was, my heart aches and I’m sad ;0(

I am disappointed with how rude some people can be … The RSVP ‘deadline’ for our wedding was this week and it amazes me how people can put it aside and not care what effort you have put into making this day so important !

I ate some fried food this week and it took a toll on my stomach . .


‘Like a good neighbor, STATE FARM is there’ … Thank goodness for insurance !!! My sentimental/very important item is being replaced … {yes it is remaining names less , at least for awhile} My heart will soon be whole again !

Last Saturday, I had an amazing bridal shower ! It is so great to know how many friends and family are around to support me and my journey to get married! ❤


We have almost ONE month until we get married ! Too exciting … I am getting a little ancy though !


Last but not least , Don and I received some very exciting news yesterday and I. Can’t. Wait. To. Announce. It. Yippeeeee

Enjoy the weekend !!


One thought on “HAPPIES and CRAPPIES

  1. londenberg says:

    congrats & I toast to that. That’s pretty cool. Anyhow, I’m an underground writer with a loyal following that forced me to write a fantasy novel named LondenBerg by Lord Biron. This same wonderful horde of fans have demanded that I write the next chapter because I left them hanging, lol! Oh well, I better grab my coffee, my book, paper & a taxi because here they come, lol.

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