Friday Letters

Dear Weather – Thank you for the cold spirts! We have put our fire place to great use this week.  I would like to lay in the sun this weekend! High 70s with no wind and lots of sun sounds GREAT!
Dear Nails – you will be painted for the next few months ! I have to STOP biting you ! I refuse to have fake nails on !
Dear pups – I don’t know what’s wrong but you guys have to stop throwing up ! Especially  in the middle of the night … You have me a little concerned !
Dear Wedding – As of today we have 49 days to go ! I have been working on the seating arrangements and they can be a pain in the neck ! Aye yay yiii !
Dear seminole county Clerk of court – many thanks to you not being busy when we came to get our marriage license! You may want to add a policy for your employees to smile more often! Getting you marriage license is supposed to be fun and exciting ( at least to me ) , not dull, boring and annoyed like your employees act !
Dear Friday – Your here ! It was a fast week, no complaints … Just stay awhile!

2 thoughts on “Friday Letters

    • Kim Cowart says:

      Thank you ! We are excited. This home stretch is a little nerve racking and I am just ready for it to be here ! Thanks for stopping by 😉


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