Smoked Pork Butt

AKA Boston butt, pork shoulder, pulled pork !

We love outdoor cooking, especially with our smoker ! If you have been to our house you know we loved smoking pork butts , if you didn’t … Now you do ūüėČ

We are having a block party tomorrow and we were asked to bring the pulled pork. Don always tries to get me to use new rubs but I always say no because it turns out so good already! Tonight we tried something a tad different. We injected our butt with a homemade Cajun butter. You don’t really need to inject pork shoulders because when cooked slow and low it falls right off the bone and pulls it self. This may be a mistake… Or …It may make our pulled pork even that much better .


6-8 tbsp of butter
1 cup chicken broth
Grated garlic
3 tbsp of your favorite dry cajun seasoning

In a small pot, melt the butter. Add broth, garlic and cajun seasoning. Mix until one mixture then remove from heat.


We chose about an 8.5lb pork shoulder. It can feed about 16+\- people . After the marinade cooled, we injected the pork butt throughout until marinade was gone. We then use our typical ingredients…yellow mustard and dry cajun rub!

The marinated meat will sit over night, covered by foil. Then starting at about 7 AM and will smoke for about 10 hours !!! DELISH !!!



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