Double duty

My last blog post I briefly discussed my latest skin issue …perioral dermatitis (POD). For sometime now I have had a small patch of redness with tiny bumps left of my mouth. I washed my face nightly and used spot acne treatment as needed. After awhile I noticed this patch slowly start getting larger. I asked around about dermatologist and made an appt. It nearly took 2 months for me to get in.

In the meantime, I started using a prescription cream which we give to my patients for a similar rash around the lips. I figured it would help. It actually worked like magic. However if I ever missed a day, the little angry patch would appear back again. I used it as much as I could remember and I was fine.

The day finally came to see the dermatologist and I was diagnosed with POD. She gave me several samples of emollients to use and gave me strict guidelines to STOP using the other cream because it had a steroid in it and will worsen the rash. I did as instructed and the rash worsened any how … It expanded to around my entire mouth, up to my nose and around my eyes. After using the sample creams for a few days I noticed the red was getting worse. Do I have a chemical burn now ? What . A. Nightmare.

Don and I have done a lot of research regarding POD to find out causes and treatments. I called my dermatologist and she has put me on minocycline (antibiotic) along with the emollients. Even though she has recommended continual use of the creams I have stopped using them. I found an alternative… A natural alternative….

Plain ole’ yogurt.

I am on day two of using plain yogurt as a mask on my face. I woke up this morning with the rash looking a little less red and a little smaller ( I hope it’s not my mind playing tricks) . I chose a plain yogurt with live cultures and the fewest ingredients I could, FAGE’. A majority of people who used this remedy had improvement and continued using the yogurt as a nightly mask . I only hope this food can double duty for me.

Happy 12-12-12 ! I should have chose this date to get married ;0)


4 thoughts on “Double duty

  1. Yogurt huh?!?! I’m curious if you are still using the yogurt to help your POD? I’ve had mine for 8 months and it WILL NOT go away. I refuse to take antibiotics (mostly b/c I’m allergic to so many of them) and am looking for natural help! I hope yours has improved!

    • Kim Cowart says:

      Courtney – hey there… POD is a pain and hard to get rid of ;0( the yogurt helped ALOT and cleared most of it away ! I left it on for 30-45 minutes. I also used apple cider vinegar as an astringent …. The apple cider had to be ‘natural with the mother’ … You can find it at GNC or other health food stores! I recommend everyone using yogurt for POD issues, yeast issues or just for daily masks! I used FAGE’ ! Good luck ! Please don’t hesitate to ask any more questions ūüėČ

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