Catch Up

I just can’t seem to catch up with life lately! I feel as if my body is 10 steps behind my brain ! I guess I can be thankful it’s not the other way around . The new addition is going good. Lola was a bit standoff-ish for the first few days but she has warmed up to Sully (hooray).


Having a brand new puppy hasn’t been horrible like I thought it was going to be. Thank goodness for Lola because she has made having a puppy a little easier. Potty training is better than most… We have had about three accidents in the house, the worst one being on our BRAND. NEW. MATTRESS . It happens and I am not going to moan and groan about it. I’m still happy with the decision we made to get a second dog.

I have been so busy lately. This past Saturday I hosted a bridal shower for a girlfriend of mine who is also in my wedding. I had a lot of fun doing it and it turned out great. It makes a me look forward to the bridal showers I have in the near future! Speaking of wedding stuff… We have about four months to go until Don and I tie the not… I feel like we have so many ‘little’ details to do for our wedding. I feel suffocated thinking about them… blehhhh! I am thankful I jumped the gun and did a lot of the big stuff early on.



I have made a big effort into making time to improve my running. I am running 4 miles every other day ( most of the time) . This week I have set a goal to up it to 5 miles. I am excited to see how it goes. I never thought I would be running as much as I am now and actually enjoy doing it. A good friend of mine has asked me to do a half marathon… I am really considering it ! 13.1 doesn’t scare me like it used to !!!


We have had a handful of young adults move into our neighborhood lately. I love this ! Don and I, along with our surrounding neighbors have decided to have / host a neighborhood block party this coming Saturday ! We are excited to meet all the new neighbors and hope we have a great turn out!

I have recently been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. It is horrible !! It is a red rash that consist of tiny bumps that surround your mouth ,nose and eyes… Ughhhhh ! Apparently it is hard to treat. I started using a steroid cream temporarily until I could get into the dermatologist … That was the WRONG thing to do. This particular skin rash worsens upon steroid use… WONDERFUL! I have been reading multiple blogs and dependable scientific websites on ways I can treat my face in addition to the antibiotics and prescription creams I have been given… Apparently apple cider vinegar is know to help. I am definitely going to try this !


I hope everyone had a fantastic Monday !!!!


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