The Addition

A few weeks ago, we started looking for another dog to be Lola’s companion. It is very important to us that when we try to start a family not to have Lola feeling ignored or pushed away! We contacted the german shepherd rescue and found a GSD we wanted to ‘interview’ to see if he was the perfect fit! We were very excited and looking forward to bringing him home ! After 4 hours of driving , we came home empty handed and upset ! It wasn’t the perfect fit for us nor Lola. I believe there was Someone watching out for us!

Last Sunday we received a phone call about a puppy liter that had been dropped off at a rescue. Conveniently they were german shepherds , which doesn’t happen to often ! When I mentioned adding a new addition, we were thinking more along the lines of an older dog , not a new born. After much thinking , we decided to go and look at these puppies. They had only ONE male and that was our only criteria we had to have ! This was due to Lola’s alpha traits and usually having two females can cause dominance issues ( or so we have been told). HE WAS SO CUTE !


We did not make a decision right away! We both wanted to be 100% ! I was A-okay with bringing this little man home, however Don wanted to sleep on it ! The following day I received a message from him saying lets to look at him one more time , let her (the foster mom) know we will probably bring him home! We met with them again and we said YES!

We picked him up from the vet TODAY and brought him home to meet his sister Lola! His name is Sullivan aka Sully. I have had a name list going on my phone for quiet sometime and Sully was the first name ! He was being fostered at a house off Sullivan street! I think his name was destin!

When we brought Sully home, I took him to our neighbors yard a house or two down so we could introduce them on neutral territory! The introduction went well and a lot easier than I thought ! Lola has been accepting to the new addition and hopefully she will enjoy her new playmate !






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