Kitchen Re-do

Woah – have I been MIA lately or what ! Life is just busy and I definitely have had more important things to do then to TRY entertain you with a blog post ;0) I would rather write a post of substance rather then stuff you really don’t care about !

I think my last post was a Wordless Wednesday post regarding what we have been up to around the house … If you haven’t seen that post , your about to find out ! This house we bought has original everything ! Particularly the kitchen … It’s just a small galley style kitchen .. It’s okay , I am not in love with it however it serves the purpose it is supposed to and that’s all I need for my first home. Since we have started taking a liking to making this house ours,  when I mean ours , I’m not talking financially , I am talking personality, We decided to start on the kitchen !

Counter tops are everything in a kitchen as well as the cabinets . They also can come with a hefty price tag! Both of us agreed we did not want to put thousands of dollars into this home so we did minimal updates. We took the original cabinets and added hardware just to give them a little face life ! We extended one of our counters by adding In wine fridge into the cabinets. We definitely needed extra counter space. The biggest change was the granite counter tops and a new sink with hardware !

We had some issues with the installation and plumbing so we were with out water for a few days. Washing dishes outside brings a whole new perspective to things . Blehhhh

After all, it turned out nice and happy with the way things look ! We are still in the process of tiling our back splash but will be done with that very soon ! I can’t wait to host my first thanksgiving !




Even though this is not the final sink picture, you still get the point ;0)


Happy Wednesday!!!!


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