Being a Bride.. In my opinion!!!!

I always thought being on the other side of things I would feel different…but I don’t. I know being a bridesmaid your there to support and be at the beacon call for the bride however I beg to differ! Possibly Its me just being a low key, easy going bride  !  I don’t expect my bridesmaids to do everything at a drop of a hat for me, and neither will  I do that for at one else!  I believe just because your getting married does not give you the right away to abuse your friends or family.  I can hardly even watch the show bridezilla because it really disgust me. People always say its your wedding do what you want… Of course that’s true, but by an means does that mean my friends and family shouldn’t struggle or do something that don’t want to because THE BRIDE said so. In the wedding world, I don’t find it fair for the bridal party  to absorb all the cost for a bachlorette parties, bridal showers and the list goes on. Being in a wedding is almost like a full time job, except instead of making money, your spending it!  I will say that I yet have been in a situation where I have not wanted, or been told I had to do something, however I have been in very few weddings and I am sure one of these days I will be in a position where I just don’t agree… The weddings I have been in, all of THREE, I have been upfront and not participated in events whether I was busy, out of town or financially not able to. I don’t think I should put my finances at risk for some one else. WOULD YOU ?

Friends make comments to me about stupid stuff that I could care less about ( wedding stuff) . I am not a diva. Things that may bother others, Don’t bother me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am the level headed one! After-all if something isn’t 100% perfect at my wedding, that’s okay ! Its not supposed to be !

Tomorrow is FRIDAY ! Yipppppeeee


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