Life Lately

I have been to lazy to cook anything new lately ! I really need to get on the ball . Not to sure about you , but I get REAL bored eating the same ole’ stuff week to week ! Maybe I will be up to cooking something new soon enough !

Don and I have been talking about getting a new addition for our family pretty soon … & no not a baby ( soon enough though !!! ) Lola needs a friend! I can’t even fathom another German shepherd in this house … Oh my goodness ALL THE HAIR !! But don and I both agree that would be the perfect dog to get however we have discussed other options such as a labradoodle or a standard poodle ! Both have the same qualities of a GSD except they don’t shed or they shed ALOT less ! I am worried if we get a standard poodle we wouldn’t stay on top of the maintenance they require ! Any thoughts ?

We have started updating our kitchen ! Friday our granite countertops will be installed and I. Can’t. Wait. We currently have horrible looking laminate tops that weren’t taken care of prior to us buying this home ! We also have decided to expand the countertop space by adding in a built in wine fridge! Yippee !! We aren’t doing much with cabinets except adding some hardware ! This will be a post with in itself SOON !

This morning I got a text message from don regarding tile in our bathroom! Uh-oh ! We have a walk in shower and the floor tile has started to come off ! We are SUPER paranoid that we have a leak .. Not to mention this bathroom
Is directly above the kitchen ! Another home project coming our way …quickly !!!

Just yesterday , we had 9 months to go until our wedding and now it’s only 6 months away ! Woah does time fly ! Soon we will be stuffing envelopes and sending out invitations ! I have registered at all the places I wanted to ( BBB, Macy’s, William-Sonoma, crate & barrel and lastly… pottery barn ). Registering was fun at first but became very exhausting !

I have not blogged about my running lately but yes I am still running ! I have stayed at running two miles for a long time but recently got the urge to lengthen my run! This is kind of weird but, I felt like my muscles were almost begging me to run longer ! Weird , I know but apparently it’s a common feeling for runners ! I have started running 4 miles ! ;0)

Happy Wednesday !!!


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