Friday Letters

My first Friday Letters link up ! Thanks to the many blogs I follow for introducing me !

Dear Friday – I am very glad you are here… As always! I look forward to having fun, doing nothing and whatever else the weekend may have in store for us!

Dear Patients of mine – I am starting to get really frustrated that you are 40, 27, 53, and still don’t know how to use a toothbrush !! Is it really that hard to brush for 2 minutes, 2x a day or even 1x a day ???

Dear Weather Channel – this week you predicted cool weather for central Florida . PUH-LEASE don’t disappoint me like you sometimes do ! However , I will thank you for this much NEEDED rain !

Dear Kitchen – I am very eager for you to be completed and updated ! Hurry – UP !

Dear Wedding of mine – you are 203 days away , yes I have a countdown going … While I don’t want time to go bu too fast .. I realllllly wish April was around the corner !



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