Strut Your Stuff Saturday !

I always look forward to reading the Strut Your Stuff Saturday blog post for the latest recipes and crafty projects. I have always wanted to join in on the Link-up party but I guess I am ‘blog-shy’ since I am an amateur blogger compared to most.  I have decided to do my first SYSS post :0) There is nothing to be shy about right ??

I am the kind of girl that typical pops open a cold diet coke at 6AM on the way to work. Never been a big coffee drinker but when I do, I like it  blacker than black and strong enough to make my heart beat out of my chest ( so unhealthy, right ?). Lately, I have had hankerings for iced coffee, and not black iced coffee either. Ya know… the iced vanilla lattes from starbucks, DD, mcdonalds…But who wants to pay $5.00 for a drink…. NOT ME ! I hopped online and found the best home made iced coffee drink. . . delicious, and not to sweet ! That’s another thing, I can make it myself so its not to sweet .!

Iced Coffee Recipe

Brew your favorite coffee and refrigerate!

The Blogger who I got this recipe from recommended making the coffee a certain way but I was to eager to make this so I just did it the plain ole regular way !

1 can evaporated milk

1 can sweetened condensed milk ( I actually used non fat sweetened condensed milk )

Mix the two cans together and refrigerate!

In a glass add ice, coffee and homemade creamer ( as you wish ) and ENJOY !


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