We spent the night over in Tampa for our friends going away party / engagement party / birthday party. We had a wonderful time. We passed some time this morning by browsing in Lowes. While browsing, we came across a very unique display for a new thermostat. This thermostat is not just your typical thermostat. It is actually a ‘Learning Thermostat’, basically its smarter than both of us combined. Don is a technology junkie and it has rubbed off on me. We both looked at each other and smiled because we both wanted it….jokingly ( we thought anyways). We moved along with our browsing and left. Several hours later, we were about to pull in the house and decided to go BACK to lowes to get the thermostat. Don looked up reviews online and never read anything negative about this thermostat.


The Nest :0)


The easiest set-up EVER ! But for those who don’t like messing with things like this.. they have a concierge service for set up !!!!


You sync all of your technology together . You control it through your phone, Ipad, or Kindle Fire ( anything ). This was my job !


Of course Don installed the thermostat!


We are ready to go !


DONE ! Yes yes yes, I will paint around it !


It has an ‘Auto-schedule’ – this process takes about a week per the instructions. Apparently it is going to learn about us. Based on how we use the air, not use the air, temperatures we set etc.

There is an auto-away feature. The nest knows when we are home and when we are away. Basically it won’t waste energy cooling our home while we aren’t here 🙂

As seen above, Mobile control.

Programs Itself, Saves energy AND money.

It knows the weather outside and whether it is humid in your house !

It was created by old Apple designers. ( go figure )

We are complete suckers for new technology !


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