The Date

With my job, I am constantly writing in people’s chart day after day after day. One of the things I have to write multiple times a day is the date ! For example , Today I had to write 08/21/12 eight times at the minimum ! The funny thing is every time I have to write it ,
I have to look at the calendar until the last patient of the day but then I finally have the correct date down !


Now in my defense , I am not only writing the current date of the appointment, I am also making future appointments and then writing that date on their appointment card for their reminder ! ahhhhh dates, dates datessss oh the dates …

Around my fourth patient today, I laughed at myself for having to look at today’s date again ! I should probably know the date after writing it four times In a row !!! You would think …

After all it is my birthday ! You would think I would have that DATE under my belt !

Just a funny little blog post …



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