Its the little things. . .

Having your own home is WONDERFUL … but until you actually own a home you really never thing about the little things. I have lived in our home for about a year and never really noticed that the blinds on the front of the house didnt match. All of a sudden within the last week, It has really been bugging me.

Yesterday when I got off work, we went to the store and purchased MATCHING blinds… Woo-hoo! Never thought I would be so excited about that. But wait . . . there is another delimma. Because the original wood blinds have probably been on the window for some time now, the sun has gotten to them. The new blinds are richer in color and we will just have to wait for time to take its toll on them. Good thing the sun hits the front of the house the most! sorry for the picutre, the sun was rising in the back ground. you still get the point !

Yay for new blinds. In addition to that little annoyance, I have also began to really hate all the light switches, the doors, and the bi-folds around the house. We have started to replace all the switches and plugs to a ‘rocker’ style switch instead of the ole’ toggle switch. Not to mention this is some what of a dangerous DIY job !

I look forward to replacing the ALL the doors in the house NEXT ! What are your home improvements ?

Happy Weekend !!!!


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