Such a sweet FAILURE

What would a blog be without the good, the BAD and the UGLY… So for the past couple post I have been giving you  these new recipes that we have tried in our house. Tonight we decided to grab a quick and very early dinner since I get off work earlier on Tuesdays. Eating dinner to early can result in a little hunger before bed time. I knew it was going to happen. We both were craving something sweet and we did not have much around the house to snack healthy. Of course, Pinterest to the rescue (maybe) again ! I remembered awhile back that I pinned a recipe for only TWO cupcakes instead of 2 dozen 🙂 I figured I would have all the ingredients, especially for only two cupcakes.


You can get to the recipe by click here !

The cupcakes came out looking really good. They were peaked and felt good to the touch. As far as the icing goes, I didn’t really have all the stuff to make it. I just through some cream cheese, peanut butter, confectioners sugar and some milk together until I got the right consistency. I love cream cheese and peanut butter so I was satisfied.



I was really excited that we were going to be able to satisfy our sweet tooth with out having to bake a bajillion cupcakes or having to leave the house. The look of the cupcakes were VERY deceiving. They were H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. The look and sound that came from Don I knew they were not edible. I tore the bottom off of my cupcake to taste it without icing and I could not even chew it before it came out of my mouth. Something was wrong. Don said it was very eggy. It even smelled eggy. I followed the recipe exactly . Oh well, calories well saved here. Atleast the icing tasted good :0)


CUPCAKE FAILURE! I will stick to baking 2 dozen instead of 2 !


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