Happy August 1st !

I can hardly believe AUGUST has arrived. This exact day, ONE YEAR AGO, Don and I sat down and signed our mortgage agreement for our new home. Still today I feel like we moved in only a month ago. We have put alot of time and effort into our home to make it ours and we still have alot to do. We had to paint every inch of the inside of this home… I ll even admit we aren’t even finished with that. I will also admit I currently am sick of painting ( PAINTERS WANTED!! hehe ) and probably will be for sometime. This sounds weird and wrong, but I wish a small, nondamaging hurricane would pass through so we are stuck inside and forced to paint… ehhhhhh! Don and our oh so wonderful neighbor (brad ) spent alot of time completely re-doing our back yard. It looks fantastic.

I will tell you home owner ship is a wonderful thing ( most of the time ). As a 24 year old, It makes me feel very accomplished and successful. I can only hope the next several years of us living here will be just as great as the first year.

Happy August !



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