Baked Italian Chicken

I told you I had a few new recipes to try this week…Here is my first one! Several people pinned this recipe on pinterest however the recipe is not linked to a website to give any one person the credit ;0)

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

Recipe as follows:

PREHEAT OVEN TO 350 degrees

4-6 chicken breast ( I am only cooking for 2, so I did 2breast )

Red potatoes

Green Veggie ( the recipe actually states green beans or broccoli, canned or fresh; I used canned green beans drained)

1 packet of dry Italian seasoning

Melted stick of butter ( I used 1/2 stick, olive oil is probably healthier )

Salt and Pepper as needed

Bake for 1 hour ( I did 45 minutes since I only had 2 breast )

Of course I had to keep my veggies separate so they didnt touch the other food… The little things I do for my picky eater 🙂


Its definitely something to try. We both thought it was pretty bland, nothing special. If your looking for something easy to throw together and go, this is it! I am sure you could even make ahead minus the butter…maybe use chicken stock instead ( also healthier alternative ) . Check back this week for more first time recipes !


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