Race results

I am sure you have been sitting on the edge of your chairs, sweating and waiting on my result post ! NOT! Sorry to keep you waiting!


So about the 5k… I was a little upset with my self. After several weeks of training I did walk about 10-20 seconds, but that was it! It actually was more painful to walk instead of run!

I was petty t’d off because we ran on red brick roads! Word to runners in training . . . It’s a pain ! It hurts! And it’s slows you down (slightly)! I ended up jumping onto the grass to make it easier on myself and my shin splints- I ran on the grass alot through training. It does help !

I was anxious as it was but to make this experience even more dramatic it was scheduled at 6:30 at night! Who schedules a race, in Florida, at 6:30 PM??? The obvious issue is that it was
Hotter than hell, humid and on top of those annoying florida traits …it RAINED!!! It is kind of an expected thing here on a summer afternoon… Right?

Anyways… I ran a 5k, barely walking and I was 3:40 seconds over my goal. Oh well ! My finish time was 33:40 ! Not horrible but not great either! For a ‘first’ 5k, not going to break myself down ! After all, I am already signed up for another race in 2 weeks! GO ME!


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