It’s race week!

( photo courtesy of google images)

Tomorrow marks 4 days leading up to my actual race day…July 12! I am keeping up with training! Currently I am running ( no walking!!!) 2.65 miles at 25 minutes !

A lot of experienced runners may laugh at my short distance of 2.56 miles however, I think of it as an accomplishment for myself! Never have I ran this much consecutively with out walking ! My time is also not bad , but it’s also not great ! I am happy with it ! Tomorrow I will step it up by running 28 minutes with no walking for three days, finishing thursday with 30 minutes! I will admit I nervous and hope the adrenalin can help push me through !

Think I am done after that ? Not a chance! Although running is not my favorite thing in the entire world , I am going to continue running local 5ks and continue training during the weeks! Don’t forget I am a bride to be! I need to be get in shape ;0)

Happy Weekend!


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