Meet the ‘Maids’

and of course that’s BRIDESMAIDS. Here they are . .

Callie. Maid of Honor!

Callie is my sister. She is three years younger than me. There was no question about her being a part of this day.

Carrie. Bridesmaid

Carrie and I have known each other for about 2 years. I met her through one of Don’s good friends, MAX. We have become very close in the past several months. At least in the past 5 months, there may have been 2-3 weekends where we HAVE NOT seen each other.

Crystal. Bridesmaid.

Wow, I cant believe we have already known each other almost SIX years. Man, time sure does fly when you are having fun..and I mean serious fun. From football games, pool parties and girls night, she has been my partner in crime until she moved to Jacksonville.

Kendra. Bridesmaid.

Kendra is  dating one of Dons good friends, Andrew. She is also a BRIDE TO BE.  When I first met Kendra, our friendship was very natural and since we met, we have become good friends. She is very sweet. When Kendra and I get together, it is none stop fun. Almost every time I see her, there is at least one occasion where we constantly laugh so hard and can’t stop. Never a dull moment with her.

Marni. Bridesmaid.

Marni and I have been friends for about 5 years. She is married to one of Dons life-long friends, Mike (aka Palma). Both Don and I were in their wedding in November 2012. Our friendship is much like a good book, you never want to put it down or wait till later, we could keep on going. I always look forward to visits with her. We have many special moments together that I could never get rid of.

Sara. Bridesmaid.

She is the jelly to my peanut butter! Sara married my cousin Jayson last July. We met the prior year on our family vacation to the keys and became two peas in a pod. When I still lived in Tallahassee, there was not a weekend we were without each other. I was in her wedding and its only fitting to have her in mine, I would not think twice about it. Sara is a mother to be. She is due in Oct. We are so excited for her

I am so excited to have the 6 of them apart of my wedding day. From now till then, will be so much so much fun. Thanks ladies for being apart of this day ! Love you ALL ❤


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