Asking the girls

I picked 6 close girls that I wanted to share this intimate day with, 2 being family and 4 being friends. This was one of first hurdles to get over since we started to plan our wedding. I seriously could have had several attendants but I was encouraged not to by several people, less is more! I love and adore all of my friends and wish I could have them all in the wedding.

I really wanted a fun, random way of asking my bridesmaids. I actually remembered this really cute idea I pinned on my wedding pinterest board.

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

I definitely used this same concept, however I chose my own wording. The letters on the outside of the boxes are the first initial of each bridesmaids name. Two of the boxes actually had their full name, only because I had each letter :0)

I made confetti out of BRIGHT printing paper I had in my scrapbook box. After the confetti came the tags that read, “I cant say I DO, with out YOU, Will you be my bridesmaid, ( one said maid of honor).

and last BUT not least, I added the special touch…. A RING POP … how appropriate :0) I thought it was the cutest idea and I think some of my bridesmaids did to ! I kept mine in the package because I was asking everyone at random times and did not need ants crawling in my house and car!

I look forward to introducing you to my bridal party, at least my side… Don is still in the making ! Happy Monday, and if you are like me and live in FLORIDA, try and stay dry !!!!


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