Active Update !

Last blog entry I said I signed up for my first 5k in Orlando. I also believe at some point I have mentioned that running has been tough because of shin splints !! Let me just update you in my active life style !

On Sunday , I signed up for my 5k. For about three weeks I have been running with my neighbor not knowing we were going to sign up for a 5k. I bought the new shoes blah blah blah ! Well, my shoes have been a WONDERFUL relief
On my legs In addition to stretching BEFORE and AFTER my run ! My neighbor has us following the couch to 5k plan ! Today we had out longest and most successful run of 2.1 miles at 20 minutes and 17 seconds! NO WALKING either! We kept a steady pace for the entire run ! When my Nike plus app started the 5 minute countdown to the end , I started to struggle but
I was so happy ! I finished the run feeling so exhilarated!

It was my first time running 2 miles straight ( that I can remember ) without stopping to stretch or walk ! We kept each other motivated! I never have liked a running partner because everyone runs on different paces however it’s like love at first run! We have ran with the same pace and talked each other through our runs ! I just know we will succeed through the rest! She has been good support and I hope vice versus !

I am glad to say that I am ending the night propped up on the couch having a nice glass of wine !


Until next time, keep running, keep your head high and don’t give up !!


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