Booked, Bought, & Asked !

Wow , what an amazing weekend we had! Don and I traveled to Tallahassee this past weekend to officially begin the wedding planning process. Planning a wedding is a tad hard being an out-of-town bride however it is wonderful having a dependable family back home to help !

To start the weekend off, we arrived to Tallahassee Friday night and pretty much finalized the guest list. I am sure from here on out it will be tweaked here and there ! Secondly, we had an appointment Saturday morning to look at a venue. The venue offers a site for lake side ceremony and an indoor reception with a ‘PLAN B’ option for the ceremony if it rains! We really liked the 2-n-1 venue because we are
Inviting several out of town guest. Actually a majority of our guest are from
Out of the area! We both really liked it, so we BOOKED it! Check !

Later that day, my mother, grandmother and my sister ( maid of honor ) met up at a bridal shop to look at dresses! Both bridesmaids and my wedding dress. I needed to kill two birds with one stone ! When we met our bridal consult, I advised her of everything I disliked and did not want in a wedding dress. Finally after trying on a handful of dress, three which I absolutely loved but just was not ‘the one’, she brought a dress to me to try on. This dress would have been put on my DO NOT try on list. I tried it on for her and OH. MY!!!! I loved it, tried it on multiple times (to make sure) and I didn’t want to take it off. MY MOM BOUGHT IT! Check !!

Still on the look out for bridesmaid dresses! I found one I loved but not getting great feedback from the few bridesmaids I have asked ! We will see!

We met up with my cousin and his wife ( whom is one of my great friends) to
visit with them! She is a few days shy of 6 months pregnant and hardly showing. I can’t wait to see little carter blue 😉 I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids! I was a little worried she may say NO with her being a new mom but she didn’t !!! I was so excited !

Lastly , I signed up for my first orlando 5k which is July 12 ! Can’t wait!

Happy Monday !


4 thoughts on “Booked, Bought, & Asked !

  1. I’m so happy you trusted your consultant and tried on that gown! There are a ton of Brides that don’t think we know what we are talking about, but I promise we do. I bet you were such a fun Bride to work with! Congrats!!

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