A Little Something In Return

Since I have been given this amazing, beautiful ring I have been in such a daze. Ask my mom, I seriously could have this wedding planned in 2 days given the time and the money! She keeps telling me to focus on one thing at a time 😉 With all of this planning and excitement, I completely felt like I left don in the dark!

I am not sure if this is typical but to show my gratefulness and appreciation of our engagement, I bought Don a new toy he has been talking about for quiet sometime 😉



He has been using our current gas grill to smoke meat. A bit challenging but he always made great food from it! He couldn’t even wait to use it. It came in and he was smoking ribs all day ! We had a couple over, whom we asked to be a part of our wedding**, to come enjoy the ribs with us! I am sure
Don is looking forward to smoking
Up some more meat soon !!! After all , football season is almost here. GO NOLES!


** We have started asking our closest friends to be apart of our wedding and it has been very exciting. There is definitely going to be a post as soon as we get the entire party put together!!! YAY !!!


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