Ready. Set. PLAN!

Today we had a few wedding firsts I thought we could share . . .

We registered at our first store today, Bed, Bath, & Beyond!!!! It was fun, exciting, yet exhausting at the same time! It took all of three hours. Don was a great sport and enjoyed it also! We did get our first gift off of the registry already…Bride & Groom Tervis Tumblers 😉


We tentatively booked our venue today. Because we are planning an out of town wedding it makes it a little difficult to view multiple venues. Being from the area and previously seeing the venue several years back, I was not to worried about seeing it however I do want Don to see it also! We are headed up to Tallahassee next weekend to hopefully fully commit to the venue. It’s looking like I will be having my April wedding! Yippee !!!

Lastly, today we went to Barnes and Nobles to take a look at wedding books. I wasn’t thrilled with any of them really except the one my mom already purchased! I also did not get a good chance to look at the books because another bride-to-be was talking my ears off I could barley even think!!!! I finally worked up the courage to say kindly, ‘ I don’t really see anything here, I am gonna check the magazines out.’ I was content with the magazine section bc I could sit down and it was QUIET!!!! This was my first piece of wedding literature 😉


Happy Thursday 😉


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