The Proposal !

It was a typical Friday afternoon where I got off work and we headed up to a local neighborhood restaurant for a late lunch / early dinner ! Something I like to call ‘Linner’. It just finished raining and the sun came out bright as could be. Both don and I LOVE being on the water… Who doesn’t ?

We decided to head to this restaurant / bar right on Lake Jessup. We grabbed our drinks and headed to the water, as close to the water as we could get and away from all the people. We talked and talked and talked about everyday life and started talking about marriage ( actually a discussion we talk about a lot).

Out of know where, Don said can you keep a secret ? And of course I immediately said yes! Don repeatedly asked me If I would promise not to tell any one , mostly my family ! He told me he had a ring at home and he couldn’t wait any longer !!!!!

I thought he was joking ! He wasn’t! He asked if we could leave the lake to go home. As soon as we got home, he was on one knee and popped the question !

I actually did keep it from family till we saw them one week later for vacation! They were over flowing with joy ! It was very important to Don that we told them in person and not on the phone 😉

I can’t stop looking at my hand. At one point the little muscles in my hand became sore from flexing my hand for people to see my ring when they asked. Which I have quickly found out that’s the first thing people ask when you tell them you got engaged. He did a great job picking it out 😉 I wouldn’t ask for anything more .


I am looking forward to using my blog as a way to share my planning , stress and even get ideas from fellow bloggers ! Let’s get started !


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