Whats going on ….

wow .. what a blogging bum I have been lately…. Let me catch you up! Starting with mothers day….

I did NOT get to spend mothers day with my mother or my grandmothers however Lola and Don sent me to get a pedicure and a manicure 🙂 I guess even being a mom of a four legged friend you deserve to be pampered 🙂 During my relaxing moment, I decided NO MORE NAIL BITING… I have done this about two times ( that I can remember) in the past 6 years, and was almost very successful but didn’t conquer the habit. I can report it has been 9 days and I have NOT bitten my nails. I have caught myself picking at them but immediately stopped. Let’s keep it up !!!

Wanna know what NEW and EXCITING things I have cooked the past week or two… NOTHING… sorry charlie! Although last night I did make something people may call odd! I had pulled out some ground beef to make a Rachael Ray recipe but ended up NOT doing it so we made plain old hamburgers with it. You can’t really go wrong with a grilled hamburger. We did not have any buns, only English muffins. I toasted my muffin, put my cheeseburger on, raw onions, and heaping tablespoon of PEANUT BUTTER.. Yes …PEANUT BUTTER ! Back home there was a unique restaurant that served a burger with p-butter and it was one of my favorites. I needed a little taste of home 🙂

On Sunday, Don and I celebrated our SIX YEAR anniversary! We had a wonderful day boating and floating at silver glen springs and an okay dinner at SoNapa.

This coming Saturday we will be heading on a seven day vacation to Siesta Key! I am so excited. Mom, Dad, Sister, Mammaw and Papa will all be there 🙂 Its about time we are able to relax. Looking forward to it!

We had some really close friends of ours get engaged while they were on vacation over seas. Congrats Kendra and Andrew!!!! We are so happy for you!!!!!


Happy Tuesday :0)



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