I can run for miles . . .hopefully !

I have been committed to biking since February ! I love it. It’s great exercise and it’s also fun. Such a rare combination these days ! A few weeks ago, a neighbor of mine asked if I wanted to start running in addition to my biking …I immediately said YES .

I love running. I actually began running about 2 years ago to train for my first 5k. I did it and loved it. Finishing that race was so thrilling !


Not far after my first race I started to have severe pain in both of my legs. I always heard of shin splits but never had them. Since then I have ignored the pain and have continued to run off and on. BAD IDEA! I stopped running about mid-november of 2011 because the pain became unbearable I could hardly walk up my stairs ! I was finally giving in to the fact I had shin splints . . . Bad ones !

I figured after giving them time
To heal I would give it another try. We have been running appx 2 miles, three
Times a week. I have been pretty surprised that I have not had pain at all ! The healing worked .. Duh !

Not so fast … Last Thursday during our morning run it hit me like a big yellow school bus . I knew I should not have continued but I pushed through the pain and finished my run. I knew I immediately needed to do something .

I have been contemplating compression socks… But I don’t wanna mask the pain.

My running shoes, i thought were in great shape and were good for my feet ! I did not want new shoes! I figured all I needed were some insoles!

Today I went to the running store in Orlando and spent some time with someone who knew what they were talking about …. Come to find
Out my shoes were trail shoes and not
Ideal for the running I am doing !! I have really high arches in my feet that need support ( all from ballet I am sure )! They put my foot in the perfect shoe!! See pictures below 😉



I can’t wait to get up in the morning and try them out. Hopefully this solves my leg issues 😉



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