A little home project for organization !

I have been wanting to do some organizing with my jewelry since we moved into our home. I have been on pinterest and found SEVERAL different and nifty ideas I could use. I wish I had enough jewelry to use all of the ideas. . . maybe one day! I had necklaces and bracelets laying , in, on, next to my big jewelry box, both night stands, my dresser and even hanging from my closet and bathroom doors. I was getting sick of it, and I surely know Don was!

This morning I was gathering somethings together and needed to close the bathroom door to get behind it. I noticed there was a nice, blank, hidden space where I could use one of the pinterest ideas. I pulled up the pin and discussed with Don to get his approval. We try and agree on everything that we do in the house.

Source: Uploaded by user via Kimberly on Pinterest

I thought it was a great way to hang the jewelry especially necklaces and bracelets do not get crimped and ruined. We purchased 2 cafe rods to match the bed room ( brushed nickel ). I was extremely eager to put them up. I usually let Don do all the leveling and hanging because I typically think everything is crooked and it always gives me a headache. As soon as we pulled in the garage, I grabbed the tools I needed and ran up stairs. I managed to get one side in perfectly however the second side did not go as planned. The angle I was coming from I kept slipping with the drill and hitting the freshly painted wall… Uh-oh!
I called for Don to come and help. He was able to get both rods in and secure as long as it took me to get one bracket up. I am so thankful for a handy man ! Although he did say I am not aloud to touch the drill any more. I am okay with that 🙂 It turned out great.

Its easily hidden by the bathroom door which is open a majority of the time. It was a piece of cake  and not time consuming one bit. I am happy !

Happy Mothers Day !


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