Putt putt pub crawl

I told you I was going to do a weekend recap at the beginning of the week but between running in the morning, biking in the afternoon, making dinner and working I haven’t had much time but to sleep … ( or atleast that’s all I want to do)

Last Saturday we joined our friends for the 5th(?) Annual putt putt pub crawl downtown. Not only was this event fun it was also to support local charities . It was hosted by Citrus Civitan’s Club which consist of members who are young professionals . ( GREAT WAY to
Meet friends)

All day Saturday we walked the streets of orlando to each Putting green. There were nine exactly. Little did we know they were not regular putting greens. Each hole was unique with twist, turns, directions and positions for the golfer.

Each hole was located at a local bar. We mingled with other teams, had some drinks, and moved to the next hole. By the VERY last green we were all so exhausted. Nevertheless, we had a blast and will be looking forward to the following year 😉

Pictures below are from my iPhone and not of quality 😉


My team ;0)


Rules . Scorecard.









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