Household Debate

After you read this you might think I am slightly crazy … But hold your opinions till the end .. Please and Thank You 😉

We bought our home last August with the intentions of settling in, getting married and starting a family. Of course along with becoming homeowners, we became painters, interior designers, pool cleaners, landscapers… Ya know .. All that comes with owning a home 😉

As we started decorating, the first thing to be finished was the master bedroom then the guest bedroom to follow. For some reason the third bedroom aka ‘ the baby room’ or ‘ the office’ ( depending on who you ask ) was skipped over and we began decorating down stairs!

Let me clarify to those we read this ( mostly family ) we are NOT trying to have a baby !!!!

My reasoning for calling this room the baby room is due to the fact it is a perfect size for a baby ( ok. ok..and an office) and I don’t find it necessary to spend the money on making this a full blown out office then turn around to spend more money on baby furniture! The guest room is plenty big to add a desk and a chair , so why not ?

Till then, the third bed room sits freshly painted full of moving boxes and winter jackets. ( and probably will for quiet some time )




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