Weekend Randoms

Man, Oh, Man where did this weekend go.

Florida was expecting to have rain all weekend. We did get alot of rain, however it was not enough! While on most Saturdays we have people over and lay by the pool, this Saturday because of the weather we had friends over and played board games instead! We had a great time. I honestly have not laughed so hard in a very long time! I hopefully will be filling our closets with board games ! That’s for sure !


My friend crystal came down to Orlando for a family birthday party that was today ! I offered her and her fiancée to stay at our place so we could have a quick visit ! I quickly found out that she wanted to me to be her MOH 😉 I love weddings 😉 and can’t wait to have one of my own ( hopefully soon )

I love salt. My family even makes fun of me by saying I need to purchase a salt lick! Anything flavored salt and vinegar is my kind of snack . The other day during lunch I ran into CVS to pass time and while wandering through the store I found some salt and vinegar almonds. I was so excited and my mouth started to water immediately! They were different but yumm-oh


Last, but not least of my weekend we had a new addition to our family. We have been searching for the perfect one for quiet some time , and this one just fell into our laps. Friday afternoon we spent some time purchasing my new car 😉 we actually had this car shipped from Tampa hoping it would be the perfect fit for our family ! It’s equipped with all the bells and whistles any one could ask for . I was sad to let my little coupe go , but definitely needed a larger vehicle . Asking our neighbors numerous times to borrow their SUV can become embarrassing!



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