Weekday Random

… I know … I know… I am a big time slacker with cooking my new recipes . I will make you look forward to future post by saying I do have a MUST TRY cook/ bake list going and I will be cooking ALoT once I get to the grocery store !

Until then, I am going to bring up the most talked about subject in Florida,
but briefly . Something that is in my home town . George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder of Treyvon Martin !

At first , I was very opinionated just as everyone else and their mom has been. Do we really know what the TRUE and HONEST story is ?


This story has gotten so out
of hand . IN MY OPINION, this case has been taken to the deep end when it comes to racial discrimination .

As we pulled into some of our friends neighborhood ( which is the community this incident happened in ) we came across the memorial ! It was sad !


I hope justice is served regardless of what the outcome is !

Happy Humpday 😉


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