Only in Tallahasee….

We decided to wake up and run some errands first thing this morning. I needed to go to my old allergy and asthma doctor to get an inhaler. The pollen is blooming like crazy here .

Anyway, while we were out we decided to meet a good friend for lunch. While we waited for lunch time , we decided to waste time at some of the local nurseries. It’s been a gorgeous ‘cool’ morning and we wanted to take advantage of it !

While we were browsing we came across a section for home grown plants! I am not talking about home grown pretty flowered plants… I’m talking about the green illegal plants. Take a look …





Needless to say, we laughed and said ‘ only in Tallahassee’ then scurried away so nobody would think we were
In to the home grown plant supplies …

I love my home town ! It’s much different then when I grew up though. The over growing colleges bringing in flocks of different varieties of people has changed this city … In my opinion!!



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