A little of EVERYTHING

I have totally been slacking on cooking new recipes lately, I do have a recipe
I will be doing tomorrow … Only if my mom purchased the ingredients I requested 😉 thanks mom ! Hopefully I will have something to post about this soon !

As I blog, I am on the way to visit my fam(ily) in good ole’ Tallahassee…I am hoping to catch a few friends while we are there also ! And snag a boat trip from my parents 😉 Lola is such a pleasant travel buddy !!


I swear this week seemed like the longest week everrrrr ! So thankful it is over … We had a 95degree day today . Blehhhh!!! hopefully Tallahassee won’t be as hot ( wishful thinking )

In the midst of cleaning a patients teeth today , I was thinking of how similar keeping up with your body was very similar to car maintenance.. SO RANDOM .. I know I know .. If you don’t clean your teeth , it effects your heart.. Blah blah blah… If you don’t get oil changes it effects the motor .. Blah blah blah …I even said I wouldn’t post this on my blog due to how random my thought was … Oh well..

I totally forgot… I am back in school to get my BS and hopefully heading to grad school !!! ( who would have thunk it ;D ) I am running full force and very excited actually !

Don and I are getting excited for the month of may ! We are taking our first vacation in the longest time ! Totally needed 😉

Enough of the random ‘everything’ post for the week ! I ll get back on my blogging game shortly !

Happy Weekend ! Happy Easter! Happy Passover !


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